The Smart Watch: Luxury Gadget or Technological Revolution?

smartwatches1Since 2012, news of new smartwatches, connected watches, feed magazine articles and other blogs dedicated to new technologies. From Samsung’s Galaxy Gear to the awaited Apple iWatch through the Sony smartwatch, these smart watches arouse the curiosity of more than one and attract more tech savvy. This generalized craze urge to lift the veil on these technological jewels to discover the potential that they pose and the place they occupy in the rich universe of connected objects. Verdict. The Smartwatch: the watch that can do it all… or almost

Traditionally a simple watch only serves to show the time. Even the most elaborate of them offer only basic functions such as a stopwatch, a tachometer and a compass. However, the incredible smartphone breakthrough in recent years has allowed to rethink the concept of the watch by broadening the scope of what’s possible. With a Bluetooth or NFC connection to a smartphone, connected watches are full of functions transforming the simple watch in a real station to control one’s smartphone without holding it in hands.

Synchronized with the contacts of your smartphone, a smart watch allows you to view the log of calls, respond to different telephone calls and offers the possibility of making calls, with or without Bluetooth headset depending on the model. With a smartwatch on your wrist, you can check your e-mail, your box mails, your calendars or even more, to control your Media Player without having to pull the phone in your pocket. And as for any recent innovation, social networks have their share. All connected watches marketed so far allow you to receive notifications from your favorite social networks, on receiving a like for example, a tweet, post, comment or any other actions. Some models are equipped with cameras built to take photos or to make short videos. A feature that would certainly delight the fans of selfies. And even in offline mode, a smart watch does not disappoint. Some features are available without internet access such as reading mails and of course time, date display and digital alarm.

smartwatches2So what’s going to happen with the traditional watch industry? Pretty much all the watch types existing on the market at this moment are bound to see disruption. Whether jewelry watches, or accessory watches, or sports or tactical watches, there’s no place to hide from the assault of the smartwatch. I can actually see more disruption in the jewelry and dress watches market more than in the outdoor/tough watch area. To be honest I don’t see a good G-Shock watch easily replaced by a rather sensitive smartwatch, even though the latter can do all the functions of a G-Shock. I must confess I’m a G-Shock fan, with quite a few items in my possession. I am however a fan of smartphones and tech in general as well, and maybe I can see myself wearing a smartwatch in casual or work moments where I’d wear a G-Shock otherwise. Not so much in specialized settings like the outdoors, or when working on my car. So I guess we’ll see how things go.

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