Weekly Gratitude

What is Weekly Gratitude? Well, it’s something I started one day on a whim after I felt that it’s important to say out loud or in writing those things that have fulfilled us, changed us, touched us or simply made us happy that week. I felt that it was a fantastic way to end the week and a brilliant way of constantly reminding myself how blessed I truly am, even on the tough weeks.

And then I thought: why keep such a good thing to myself?! So I am inviting you to “join the movement!” It’s a movement towards self reflection, thankfulness and peace. All you need to do is take a moment at the end of every week to think about and write down those things or moments that you are grateful for.

To participate simply add the “Weekly Gratitude” button (on my sidebar) to your page and start writing! I will link to anyone and everyone that participates and will feature one of you every week in my own Weekly Gratitude post!

Let’s start the new year from a place of gratitude!



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